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Is there any way to make your midi playback leds distinct from the plugin led?

In other words,

Using komplete kontrol, (or any vst for that matter), there is usually a default led color for each plugin. Example: Hybrid Keys lights up light blue.

When playing back a midi track recorded on that channel, each note lights up slightly brighter as it's played.

Is it possible, to make playback notes light up with a different color, or even no light at all when played? Essentially seeking better contrast to track notes and chords through playback..

Thanks for your time, and help, and sorry for the headache that comes with talking to me!!


  • JesterMgee
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    Not possible

  • Nyxsin
    Nyxsin Member Posts: 15 Newcomer


    a] Is it "Not Possible" due to :

    -the vst?


    ... etc.

    b] Are there plans to implement such a feature? If not, where can I submit a request/petition, and is it possible to control with 3rd party programming?

    Thank you for the reply, sorry to be *****, but looking for a little more than "Not Possible".

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