What would be a good controller for Battery 4?

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I am looking through my Komplete Suite and trying out Battery. It looks amazingly versatile and powerful but I was wondering what would be a good controller for it. Can I use a launchpad for this? The grid is 12 by 4 so probably would have the top 4 rows and 8 columns, and then continue the grid on the lower 4 rows and the 4 first columns. Or is there a 12x4 controller? The FL Studio Fire looks interesting but would it work with Battery?



  • Simchris
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    I use an older akai mpc drumpad controller..mpd24 ...as i like larger pads to play with both fingerhands

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    It depends, the launchpad could be an option, if you don't need big pads. Maschine mikro, or bigger, could also be an option, it has bigger pads, then you could use maschine software (also inside a DAW) and browse presets from hardware. A midi keyboard with pads could also be useful. You have to think abour what exactly you want to do.


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    If you use Ableton, Push is brilliant for it. Just answered another question on this and since I have the link still on the clipboard, you can use Push to both manually trigger all your hits, mix the elements and sequence patterns all without looking at the screen.

    If you spend some time setting up maps and saving some racks you can have all your pads nicely coloured for all your elements too.

    I also have Maschine and have used an Akai MPD32, Korg nanoPad in the past, once you adjust to the pad size of Push it beats all of these easily (IMO).

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