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I'm a beginner in synthesizers and sound design and always relied on presets without really diving deep into the fundamentals, and I feel like I would learn extremely well with better visualization of the wavetable synthesis. Is this something that I should just never expect for Massive/X? If so, are there any good alternatives that will help me ease my learning until I no longer need that visualization (such as something like Serum), and then dive deep into Massive X for more flexibility and better sound quality after I have a good understanding of all the features available to sculpt the exact sound I'm looking for? I'd really like to use a synth for the performer modulation/looping functionality so is there something else out there that has that, but with adequate visualization for me to learn?



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    I don´t understand some things you wrote, but.... If you´re a beginner in sound design it´s obvious to first learn the principles of subtractive synthesis. It´s pretty easy and there are a lot of tutorials, videos and books out there. In addition, please read the well-written user manual ;) It´s cool and you´ll find a lot of tips about the details within Massive X. Also, some parameters still work with visualisation (wavetable oscillators, envelopes..) so that´s all you need. Most beginners don´t take the time to learn, read and work to gain a good understanding of the synths/equipment they use... Also, you could not expect to learn Massive X in one day... It´s a really powerful synthesizer so it takes time to explore what´s possible.

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    It's not perfect, but maybe this will be of some help:

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