Kontakt 6 and Instrument Aliases

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Has anyone else found they can no longer drag and drop alias files onto Kontakt?

EDIT: I've found that symbolic links do work, so am currently investigating how to batch-convert all aliases in a directory...


For the past three years, I've spent time setting up a granular folder structure for my Kontakt instruments. Instead of putting the instrument files themselves in these folders, I used aliases. I got the idea from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7T8_-LI3cA

I've found it to be much faster than using Quickload and a good way to stay organised and creative.

Unfortunatelt, with recent updates to Kontakt (currently on v6.7.1), I've started getting this message when I drag and drop aliases:

...and thus my loved and laboured-over system is defunct. 😢

Worth noting that if I right-click one of these aliases and select "Show Original", the alias link is intact, so that's not the issue. Newly created aliases give the same error in Kontakt.


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