Questions about Native M1 versions of VST2 & VST3

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Hi All,

Can someone from NI put in simple terms which formats will be updated & which won't? I'm getting conflicting info from various places.

Kontakt VST3 is the only M1 native plugin atm?

Kontakt VST2 isn't due to a bug?

Kontakt VST2 will never be updated to M1?

The above will apply to all NI plug-ins due to Steinberg dropping support for VST2?

Can someone shed some light on this?





  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Ian,

    For most plug-ins, like NI plug-ins, VST2 are only supported in Rosetta mode. How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

    For the plug-ins that are natively compatible with M1 processors, like Kontakt, only the VST3 is supported, VST2 will not be available.

  • Ians
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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Re: Kontakt. Maybe that should be made clear on the compatibility page?

    Can we assume, then, that it will be the same for all NI VSTs? Only the VST3 version will be updated?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    It will be the same for all NI plug-ins, but please understand it's due to the M1 native compatibility. It's not just a NI thing. Steinberg doesn't support native VST2 on M1. VST2 will still be updated for Intel Macs and Windows 10 & 11, as well as the VST3 for every OS, at least for a little while, until VST2 is definitely out.

  • Ians
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    Okay, thanks for clarification

  • Calagan
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    Native Instruments should inform us better about its schedule and projects.

    Most of my plugins (from hundred of them) are Apple Silicon native now. Some are still not (Reason, Sonimus, SSL..) but I can expect native stuff from them for this summer or autumn because they seem to plan it like that since some months now. NI is the only one I've got doubts about when they will release updated versions of their plugins.

    I don't want to run my DAW under Rosetta for the rest of my life, and without infos about the updating schedule, what do we need to do about our sessions ? Do we need to wait for a vst native version soon and keep the vst version in all our projects ? Replace all the vst instances with Audio Unit so we can run our DAW native and let Apple make the traduction for each NI instance ? Wait for a vst3 version ? But when ? Are they only working on that ?

    It could be great to have some visibility about the future...

  • Kubrak
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    My wild guess is, that Komplete 14 will be released in September/October.... And that it will most probably be native AS (VST3).... (Maybe with exception of few plugins, Reaktor comes to my mind....)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Calagan Native Sillicon support and VST3 are the two top priorities at NI, as you can see, all the latest updates either bring M1 support (Rosetta or native) and/or VST3. The latest Maschine and Komplete Kontrol update brought their VST3 incarnation.

    There is already a thread on M1 support:

    And one on VST3:

    Even if we don't share precise dates, please know that both VST3 and native M1 support for every NI current plug-in should come in the next months. If we don't share an exact roadmap it's also to avoid further disapointment if the said date is not met.

    On a general note, the VST2 format being on it's way out, to make your projects future proof, I would personnally recommend going the AU route, if you can of course. If not, you will need just a little more patience, I'm afraid. NI has a big portfolio and yes, it's taking a lot of time.

    I will close this thread now, to avoid redundancy, feel free to comment or ask further questions on these threads.

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