NKS User Libraries for Komplete Kontrol / Maschine

Daniel Member Posts: 29 Member

Hey guys,

we had an amazing discussion in the old forum of NKS libraries that were created by NI Komplete users. There is a lot of expertise of users all around the world of how to create NKS libraries and make them appear inside of NI Komplete Kontrol/NI Maschine.

JesterMgee did an amazing job on his website https://freelancesoundlabs.com/. He is probably having the most expertise on creating NKS libraries. But there is a lot of knowledge of the whole community too. I'd love to bring the old forum back alive, thats why I started this discussion. There are many cloud links inside the old forum where users share their downloadable content of NKS libraries. I hope we can extend those lists inside this forum and help each other on everything related with this topic.

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