Piano Colors crackles/clicks while playing on Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2

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Hi, I just bought Piano Colors and I'm getting frustrated on the buffer-like crackles and clicks that sound while playing on my S61 Mk2 (specially while playing multiple notes in a fast pace). I already checked for different buffer sizes, deactivating the Audio Input Device and all sorts of possible solutions relating to buffer size, latency and CPU Usage issues. I'm using Ableton Live 11 but the problem also persisted while switching to Maschine software and even the Komplete Kontrol stand-alone app. Also I'm installing most of my Native Instruments plugins on an external "Samsung T7 SSD" (since it's near impossible to install everything on my computer's internal SSD). Piano Colors seems to be the only plugin to give me these buffer-like audio clicks. I just updated everything possible from Native Access and tried reinstalling the plugin without success.

Does anyone had this problem? I really wish to use Piano Colors to play live, but this is a major setback



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    Don't have the instrument in question (is it a Kontakt instrument)?

    But one thing you have not noted is your audio interface or the settings you are running (Buffer size, samplerate)?

    My guess is you are using your computers inbuilt audio interface and using the default WASAPI shared drivers which no matter the buffer, sometimes will just not work reliably with all content especially streaming content because it can easily be interrupted and cause "hiccups".

    The minimum solution would be to use ASIO drivers (ASIO4ALL for example) which will bypass the shared windows mixer and provide a more reliable higher priority bus for the audio and if this works better, consider investing in a decent audio interface that has a native ASIO driver.

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    Hi, sorry for not specifying. Im using a Solid State Logic SSL 2+ audio interface with my Macbook Pro 2018 running on Big Sur 11.6. Its not a Kontakt instrument but an independent sampled instrument from one of the collections by Native Instruments. Just noted that the problem occurs with most of the sampled instruments installed on my external SSD. I would try to install them on the built in drive on my computer but there's not enough space available (these libraries are extense, like 20GB).

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    @GilbertoResendez What format is your external hard drive ? You should format it to APFS: Notes on Hard Drive Formats on Mac Computers Other formats are known to bring the kind of performance issues you describe.

    Also make sure to give Kontakt and your DAW Full Disk Access: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

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    hi @GilbertoResendez i have same problems with piano colors. i also have noticed that the volume level of particles changes by itself sometimes, even if the level i choose stays the same. this messes up my project so i no longer use piano colors. i wrote this problem to galaxy instruments, their first answer was "it sounds like a serious issue" and i sent them screenshots too but then i received no more answers. i also wrote to native instruments about the same problem and sent screenshot also. i received an answer that they are very busy. a month later i received a mail asking "how was my support" .. funny isn't it.? i no longer use piano colors and i either will ask my money back or change it to another plugin by native instruments. i simply felt like my money was taken and that's it, no one is williing to help and solve.

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    @GilbertoResendez oh by the way i have no issues in any other companies or native's other products. so i hope they will not try to find a problem on my side, it would be extra funny. i also am positive that galaxy instruments knows what is going on about these problems.. i think it's time to be honest and find a quick soluiton.

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    @tarik koray I'm not sure what happened here but my colleagues did reply on June 15th asking for a video of the issue. There was no reply to that email, after a couple of weeks, unanswered emails are set to solved. If you wish to re-open the case, let me know and my colleagues will get back to you.

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    Hi Guys, I found this thread because I had the same issue but with The Giant piano plugin. As I kept playing I heard crackling and popping noises from the speakers like every 5-10 seconds - but only while playing on the S61 and in Komplete Kontrol. I also have a simple midi keyboard connected to the Addictive Keys plugin, and that is 100% clean. So in the end I managed to get rid of the cracks, I realised that I had all my IO sampling frequencies set to 48kHz, everywhere, in all my inputs and outputs (I have a couple). So I went through them again and changed everything to 44kHz just to see if that solves the issue, and it did. So I guess these piano plugins were sampled at 44/88/176k, and resampling them in realtime to 48/96/192k can cause such noises.

    Let me know if this solves it for you too.

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    I tried it and it didn't help me unfortunately. Have s61 mk3.

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    Although Komplete Kontrol does not give you control over processing "Block Size", this is critical and it can be accessed by way of the "Open Panel" button in Preferences/Audio. The ideal setting varies by system.

    But higher block sizes increase latency but add stability. So when live recording, the goal is to set your block size to as small as possible (for the least amount of latency/keyboard delay) without having crackling and popping.

    And if you hear an audible delay between your keyboard strokes and the sound coming out of your speakers, your block size is probably 1024. Try 512 or even less. Experiment.

    When recording, latency matters the most for reasons above.

    But when mixing, block size can be high for max. stability because latency is not a factor since you are not live recording.

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