Is there a way to search User AND Factory content at the same time?

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Here's my dilemma in Kontakt 7: I have various user-created snapshots, but I tend to forget about the toggle when I first open an instance of K7, wondering where they went when they don't show up in search. This is because Kontakt defaults to only showing Factory stuff.

If I click this little icon, then it toggles between, one OR the other, but it does NOT do an EVERYTHING, all-inclusive search.

Guitar Rig 7 has a way to filter by User — but it can also search ALL presets.

Is there a way in Kontakt 7 that I can catch the broadest net to sift through ALL the presets I have?

Seems like it should be a basic feature, am I missing something or is it really not in here yet? (If so, feature request por favor?)



  • Kymeia
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    Also needed for Komplete Kontrol

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