Having trouble with the Mixer on Abbey Road 60s Drums

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Hi all —

I understand that this product has been discontinued, but I'm still able to load the instrument.

My problem is that the Mixer page for the drums only includes the Kick and Mono Overhead channels. There's a bit in the manual that says:

"If you only want to use the genuine vintage setup for the Early 60s Kit, use only the
Overhead Mono and Kick Direct Out microphones."

That seems to be the only option I have. All of the other mixer channels are blank and don't respond to the mouse anyway. There's no snare channel, etc.

Where did they go? Here's what it looks like:

Running Kontakt 7 on Mac OS Sonoma.



  • Uwe303
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    maybe the kit, that particular snapshot is made that way intentionally, unfortunately i wasn´t able to activate it that library to have a look myself, i also have it in my account. Have you tried to click on "NONE" under one fader?

  • Clownbomb
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    Uwe303 —

    Thanks for the suggestion … clicking NONE under the faders just gives me the option NONE.

    I'd reinstall but I got this with a software bundle way back (maybe with my TRAKTOR 2 interface) and don't have the installer.

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