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    ok, I did a fresh install of everything on a secondary (Intel mac) laptop I've got, and I don't understand how I can install Ethereal Earth 2.02 (everything else is working fine).

    I was obliged to install the last version via Native Access, and then I was thinking I could use the Ethereal_Earth_202U_Mac file provided here, but it doesn't change the version of what is installed on my machine. After running the install .dmg file, and receiving the "yes the install was successful" message, I still have the 2.1.0 version on the computer (at least, this is what Native Access is telling me).

    The issue I've got is strange : Ethereal Earth 2.1.0 works in Kontakt 6 (even if it's not supposed to) but a lot of samples are missing (or are not recalled), and previously working sessions recall the instrument in K6 but without samples. Strangely, some presets are ok, but a lot are now empty, and the instrument is silent when played

    @Jeremy_NI What am I supposed to do ?

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    First of all, better to create a distinct post, it gets more visible than in a thread with 250+ comments.

    Please uninstall the library completely, following these steps:

    How to Uninstall Native Instruments Software from a Mac Computer

    How to Uninstall Native Instruments Software from a Windows Computer

    Here are the installers of all previous versions of this library:

    Ethereal Earth 2.0.1

    Ethereal Earth 2.0.2

    Let us know which one worked and I'll update the threads to include the installer that works, thank you!

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