Kontakt 7: please select a valid audio interface (SSL2+ issue)

TomislavEP Member Posts: 7 Member

A few days ago, I purchased a new SSL2+ audio
interface as a replacement for my Scarlett 2nd gen. Unfortunately, I've
experienced several issues since. I have updated the firmware and
installed the latest Windows driver. I'm running the current version of
Windows 11, optimized for audio production.

Each time I start Kontakt in a standalone mode it opens a settings page
to select an audio interface. There are multiple choices (SSL ASIO 1-4).
So far, I tried using only the first option. Kontakt seems to freeze for
a while, showing a "stopped" status before changing to "running" and
loading as it should. The USB driver is present in my system tray all
the time. This happens every time I quit and restart Kontakt during the
active Windows session.

Furthermore, I had an error regarding the ASIO buffer in REAPER and the
program nearly crashed a few times. This seems to have stopped after I
reinstalled a driver for my Focusrite (I'm still using the one from
SSL). Now REAPER detects SSL2+ on startup and the plugin version of
Kontakt works fine. But the issue with the standalone version persists
(also in some other apps, like Guitar Rig 6).

Any ideas on this would be most welcome. I never had such problems with my old interface and its drivers. 

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