How many Weeks and how many tons of Requests does it need to get real help from NI-Support

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OK since I posted the first time here my Request for Help for the awfull unpredictable behavior of the Natie Instruments Authentication System on my Third (Dual-Xeon-Win-11-Pro) System in my Network to authenticate a separate for this System in my Account available Kontakt 7 License more than three weeks passed by without any substantial help. All the Time every other Software I use on this System (f.i. from Spitfire Audio, ORchestral Tools or Vienna Symphonic Library) has been always without the least Problem authenticated in my daily use. So this problem occures exclusivly with the Native-Instruments-Authentication. There have been emotional Diskussions here, pretending everybody would be trying to help, but either people pretended I would try to do something not covered by the License-terms (which is wrong because it is all about one separate Kontakt 7 License exclusively bought and registered for this System), or they are trying to bash me for "ranting" just because I did not mention anything else, but the pure fact, that since more than three Weeks of requests Native Instruments still has not the least approach of any Solution at all but only delaying statements and announcements about pretended "escalation to a specialist" which were again and again announced to get in contact with me via E-Mail, while none ever does really tried to seriously investigate the Problem nor offered any kind of Solution. Only some more or less general Links to FAQ-Pages (in parts even for the wrong OS) and questions which no one had posed who just had taken in account what already was documented more than an douzen times. Insofar even if this might not sound pretty charming for NI and their technical Support, none of the Things I mention here are not verifiable covered by the pure facts, and I really ask my self why Native Instruments seem to simply refuse to take their Product-resposibility for the paying customers and how long they will try to go on like that? How ever the Problem is still completly unsolved. I have done all I can to allow Native Instruments to let me use their product in a licens-conform way. So it is definitly up to NAtive Instruments to make their products do what they are paid for, as the products of the other companies installed on the same PC does without the least Problem.


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    Just to keep the comunity up to date:
    nearly another three weeks passed by since the last Mail from Support which has promised a lot, but in fact done absolutely nothing at all in the last 41 Days.
    The problem of an instable licening of my third (separatly bought) Kontakt licening remains absolutly the same. They even managed to update Kontakt to a next version, without having anything fixed at the weird behavior of their Kontakt Licening. I fear if that goes on like that, I can ask for "how many month" and "how many years" it will take that Native instrument take responsibility for the product they sell.
    Sorry for being still not amused about this 'performance' of the so called Native Instruments technical Support. But I think giving them more than a month time to solve a problem is really enough to expect any kind of serious and substantial reaction.

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