Setting up an S49 MKII with Logic Pro

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Just purchased a used S49 MKII and am getting nowhere in getting it setup and working with Logic Pro.

Never seen such a convoluted system. So far I’ve installed Native Access and entered the serial number of the keyboard. As far as I can tell nothing happened other than a message saying I’ve registered it. Virtually none of the buttons on the keyboard are lit or functioning.

When I first plugged the keyboard in, before registering it, it did have the nav controls lit and working in Logic Pro…now after registering they aren’t lit and don’t work.

No idea what to try next as the website has useless info on troubleshooting on a Mac M1. The files they suggest deleting to reset things don’t exist.

‘Really appreciate any help it getting it working.

Thanks, Carl



  • JesterMgee
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    And you have read the manual and quick start guides yes? You installed Komplete Kontrol?

  • ckeyes888
    ckeyes888 Member Posts: 6 Member

    Yes, I did all that. Komplete Kontrol shows as installed in Native Access.

    Also tried rebooting and a different USB canle, although it was working with Logic using the same setup before I registered it. Thanks, Carl

  • denisbkk
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    As you are on a M1 Mac, did you start Logic with Rosetta?

    You have to do that on M1 and that is mentioned on the NI website.

    Try this:

    Right click Logic in your applications folder and click "get info".

    In the window, check the "Open in Rosetta" box. When that is done, start Logic. It will now open with Rosetta and that should solve your problem.

  • JesterMgee
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    Also, forgetting logic for a moment, does the keyboard work in Komplete Kontrol? Do the required ports all show in midi?

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