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Hej hivemind

I try to search the help database to no luck, but how do I get the Kontak-Keyboard view showing up when I load a Kontakt instrument in Komplete Kontrol, to show me and manipulate the mapping etc.?

Here I've loaded the Output Analog Brass & Winds in Kontakt, if I do that in KK SW I can't seem to get the keyboard view up (which is really helpful in mapped situations and on shorter keybeds)



  • nightjar
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    Go to "View" in the menu bar and select "Edit" mode.

    It would be nice if KK would get it's own keyboard panel at bottom not dependent on the loaded patch.

    Feature request?

  • NeonBlackCat
    NeonBlackCat Member Posts: 37 Member

    Thank you!

    Somehow I must have overlooked "Edit mode" and flagged it as not that what I need, but tbh something like a quick keyboard view button would do the trick.

    Another feature request aside from fully scalable interfaces, yes pls! :)

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