Icon bass or prime bass?

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Hi everyone. I'm undecided whether to buy icon bass or prime bass. Can you give me advice on which software is most indispensable for producing various musical genres



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,995 Guru

    Both of them equaly when it comes to the genres.

    However, when it comes to a general tone:

    If you want a more creamy and 'punky' general tone and the color of the sound, I recommend Prime Bass.

    However, if you want a more funky vibe, or if you want to sound a little bit similar to the B A S S legend himself (Davie504), then Icon Bass is the bass for you.

  • DunedinDragon
    DunedinDragon Member Posts: 623 Pro

    I have a couple of the bass libraries, but I recently purchased the Upright Bass and I think that may be my go to bass for most of my work going forward. It just has such a smooth and versatile range of sounds dependent on how it's played.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Probably the best description of Icon Bass I've come across so far :D When you mention Davie504 I know exactly the type of sounds you mean.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,995 Guru

    Oh yeah! >:D

    Seriously tho, both are good.

    But for me personaly, Prime bass is the bass I need.

    Prime bass is more for the emotion.

    Icon bass is more for being E P I C.

  • serenato
    serenato Member Posts: 4 Member

    prime bass

  • Plucky mac
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    prime but both ou hood my fro has it I don’t but one day 😂😂

  • Blind_hazey
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    Both very good prime for gritty dirty tones and icon for softer mellow tones. Icon good for funk and hip hop. Prime is included with now subscription to try.

  • hamsteralliance
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    You should have both, as being able to switch between the two to find the perfect sounds is helpful, but if you're only going to get one, I feel like the P-Bass (Prime) would be the best go-to bass. It'll be easier to work with and sit nicely into more mixes with less fuss. It's THE bass sound you're probably the most used to hearing in music.

    The Stingray (Icon) sounds rather odd by comparison, but it definitely has a lot of great uses where its particular sound really shines, but it's a less "general purpose" bass. Prime is the more indispensable choice.

  • LasseTurunen
    LasseTurunen Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have both but I pretty much always end up using Prime Bass. It's so wonderfully grungy and punky, but can also be made to sound smoother. It pays off to really learn the plug-in, dig deep and its subtleties.

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