Playing and hearing Guitar Rig live

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Hello everyone,

What Audiointerfaces support playing Guitar Rig live, as in low latency?

I know the Apollo Twin x do that but I guess only with their UA plugins, right?

Does a Motu M4 or equivalent Focusrite or others in that price range do the trick?

I only have a Yamaha Mixer with integrated USB Audiointerface which doesn't work. I can record and only afterwards add Guitar Rig.

Thank you 🧃 and a happy Mother's Day 🥐



  • Brad Yost
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    I used to play live with a Presonus Audiobox into my DAW in a laptop with GR5/6 and back out to an amp with ASIO drivers and only about 7.4ms of latency roundtrip. Same thing in Stand Alone with just 'slightly' less latency (Win10 Pro).

    Gotta learn to play just slightly ahead.

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