Cubase stuck at scanning vst3 folders after massive x update

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So, here’s the background scenario. I’m running Cubase 10.5 on windows 7. A while back when I purchased Komplete 12, Cubase would freeze while starting during the process of scanning vst3 folders.

 After a long and painstaking process of research and removing all the NI vst3s and putting them back one at a time I found that the problem was Massive X. 

I eventually found a work around by removing Massive X. Sadly I had to accept the fact that I would not be able to use the program in Cubase.

On May 5th of 2022 I saw that there was an update for Massive X in Native Access. I decided to try the update in hopes that I would finally be able to use the instrument. Unfortunately, that did not work.

Now when I start up Cubase, it freezes up when scanning vst3 folders again. This time, however, when I remove the Massive X from the VST folder the problem doesn’t go away. Now I can’t use Cubase or Massive X and I truly regret updating.

Has anyone else had this problem? What are your work arounds?

Also, before anyone goes there, don’t tell me it’s windows 7 problem. Everything worked fine before the Massive X update. I have my reasons for using the outdated OS



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    "Also, before anyone goes there, don’t tell me it’s windows 7 problem."

    Frankly, it most likely is. Even if it isn't, most of the newer versions of NI plugins in Komplete 12 aren't supported on Windows 7, which means they're not tested on it, which means there could be potential issues unknown to NI.

    You're at your own risk running these plugins on an unsupported OS, but, you probably know that already.

  • Kay Boarder
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    Just reading this after a long search in this forum.

    I have a similar, not Cubase related, problem w/ Massive X and I´m in need of latest version installer working w/ Win7 Pro SP1 x64.

    In the hope someone is able to provide the installer,-

    thx in advance

    Kay Boarder

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