I want to trigger the release stage of an envelope from a different key from note on.

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Kontakt newbie (long time Reaktor user)

I'm currently on tour, Running Kontakt (amongst other things) in Mainstage and the samples we're triggering have the following behaviour.

Press the key, sample plays (ADS portion of envelope). Press SAME key again and the release portion of the envelope is triggered. This means we can fade out samples easily on the fly during a performance.

Issue we have is that sometimes the if the sample reaches it's end and the second keypress hasn't happened then the sample does not trigger on the next keypress.

Predictable, but this has caused some issues during gigs, as sometimes the sample can play to completion during soundchecks etc. and we end up out of sync

Looks like this behaviour has been achieved using a script that has been inserted by the previous tech (He walked.... long story)

Anyway... what we'd like to do is change the behaviour so that one key always triggers the sample and plays the ADS section of the envelope, and a second key sets the envelope release in motion. That way we won't get the issues we're having ie. hit key.... no sound.

Any ideas how to set this up in Kontakt? (Scripting is currently rather alien to me)

I could probably set this up quite easily in Reaktor, but the machines for the show don't have Reaktor on them.

Any help most appreciated.



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    You would use the MIDI Latch script that comes installed with Kontakt. And make sure your sample is looped - then it will play all the way until you press the key again to release the voice.

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