How to fix Massive presets after High Sierra update?

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Hi guys, i've updated my macbook pro to High Sierra and the Vst presets now are not sorted alphabetical anymore and they come out in an apparently random order. I've read that could be High Sierra that create this issue. Is there any solution to fix this big problem? couldn't find anything about it in this forum.

thanks in advance!



  • Jeremy_NI
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    Unfortnunately this bug is still present, however it only affects the presets found in Massive Factory library, Massive Threat, and all these basically:

    If you click on Name, it will put it back to alphabetical. Unfortunately, as soon as you browse other folders, alphabetical is gone. This is the only workaround at the moment.

  • Ekz
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    thanks a lot for your reply!

    Yes I know that by clicking they come back in order but it is only momentarily and unfortunately it is an extra step that is very boring especially every time you open and close the plugin. It's unbelievable that even today there is no update that has fixed the error. Other 3rd parts companies provided and solved already just updating their versions.

    If anyone knows more, please let us know!

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