Kontakt Crossgrade same sale price as full version? Possible new tier (Kontakt Player Pro)?

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I'm not sure if it was intentional, but the full version and the crossgrade for Kontakt are both discounted to the same price of $199. Should both be 50% off of their regular price?

Also, I was wondering about the possibility of an additional tier for Kontakt. I feel like $399 (and even the sale price of $199) can be a steep price for someone who merely wants access to use libraries not licensed for Kontakt Player.

I feel like Kontakt Full can be further distinguished from other versions, having more of a focus on being a powerful sampler for editing and creating libraries. It seems unnecessary for users who are just looking to play libraries to pay the same cost as those who are looking to use Kontakt as a sampler for creating libraries.

So perhaps something like this?

  1. Kontakt player (free). Just like it is now—works with libraries licensed for Kontakt Player
  2. Kontakt Player Pro (maybe $99 full price? Sale price around $49?). Ability to use any library, but you can't sample, edit or create libraries.
  3. Kontakt Full ($399 full price. Sale price at $199). Just like it is now—ability to use any library and to edit/create sample libraries.

What do you think? I know many people who continue to use Kontakt Player and are unwilling to upgrade to the full version of Kontakt just for the ability to use other libraries. I think an additional tier would be more enticing for these users. I'm one of them :)



  • Matt_NI
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    We currently have an offer on the full version (50% off) and that's why the price is now matching the one for the crossgrade.

    Interesting idea about a new tier though. Curious to hear what other might think?

  • joeyluck
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    Thanks, Matt!

    Looks like the crossgrade is on sale as well, but only for 20% off (taking it down from $249 to $199).

    I've been on the fence about crossgrading, but can't justify $249 or even $199 when on sale just for the ability to use other libraries not compatible with Kontakt Player. So I of course like the idea of a new tier 🙂

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