Intermittent crashes with Kontakt 7.10.1 in Logic Pro, on macOS Sonoma

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Hi all,

We are currently observing intermittent crashes when Kontakt 7.10.1 is used as a plug-in in Logic Pro, on macOS Sonoma. The crashes seem to occur when:

  • Repeatedly loading instruments in quick succession (from any source - overlay Browser, Library tab, from disk etc)
  • Clicking the NI logo in the top right corner of the application header

As such, we have removed Kontakt 7.10.1 from Native Access for users on macOS Sonoma (the latest available version is now Kontakt 7.9.0). Windows users, and macOS users on Ventura and Monterey will still have access to Kontakt 7.10.1.

We are actively investigating the issues, and will publish fixes alongside additional information as soon as they are ready.

if you’ve already updated to 7.10.1 and are experiencing these issues, please download and install this version: KONTAKT 7.9.0

Thank you for your understanding.


Adil (on behalf of the Kontakt team)

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