How to solve small size GUI issues in KK inside Cubase 12

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Hi, any idea how to solve this?

Got a new Surface 8, got a new Cubase 12 install with KK.

Now the KK GUI is way to small. To solve this, you can activate "allow window size correction" for KK inside Cubase. That resizes the KK window, but not the Plugin inside KK.

I know, you can deactivate HiDPI inside Cubase. But is there a way to use HiDPI on and solve the tiny GUI inside KK?


  • nightjar
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    You can hope that Soundwide comes to the rescue with a KK replacement utilizing iZotope technology for AI auto-tagging and a better, resizable GUI.

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    Comment isn't at all helpful and perhaps just make your own thread with your dreams and wishes instead of adding it into every other thread to derail it?

    OP, not sure of a fix but is it only that specific plugin that is the issue?

  • compactus
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    indeed, tried some other plugins (kontakt based, scaler2) and for now it's only the Super8 Plugin... Strange as this is one of the newer NI plugins with both VST2/VST3 support

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    The thing is, there aren't really any properly Hi-DPI compliant plugins from iZotope either... So I don't think that's a strength of iZotope that can be relied on here. They have exactly the same problem.

    For now, the only thing that can make NI plugins (and iZotope plugins) scale on a Hi-DPI display is to run the whole DAW in low-DPI mode (scale via windows) and just live with the jagged blurriness that comes along with that.

  • nightjar
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    Yep...the deeper solution is gonna be tough... will take lots of effort to recreate old graphics with scalable elements.

    But the exciting thing is that it could also be an opportunity to usher in a "re-imagining" of past products and the overall portfolio of instruments in Komplete.

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    Any news about this issue ?

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