Guitar Rig 7 Pro - How to delete GLOBAL FX user presets?

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In the Native Instruments - User Content - Guitar Rig 7 - Component Presets - Global FX, I see there's a file called Global FX User.ngrc which updates when I save Global FX. But how do I rename and delete these? It appears that unlike regular user components (as covered here), any additions are saved to a single file.

Is there a better way to edit them?

Related question: is there any way to load regular Component Presets into Global FX? Drag and drop from the left Presets pane doesn't work, but once it's loaded, I can drag and drop individual Components down into the Global FX. Which is workable, if not as flexible.


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    It appears there are other limitations to Global FX (as much as I like the idea) too:

    • A single macro control can only be mapped to ONE Global FX component parameter, unlike regular components. That makes it a lot less useful.
    • For that matter, macros are NOT remembered with Global FX either: if you change the Global preset then reload it, the macro isn't recalled.

    Given this, and until NI can give more clarification, I think I'm generally going to use a second Guitar Rig instance as a workaround for "Global FX" instead.

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