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I've made around 500-1000 Channel Strip Settings in Logic Pro. Basically, any new instrument I buy, I catalogue the interesting sounds/patches as individual channel strips. However, since I last did this we're now on Kontakt 7.

As a result these channel strips open with Kontakt 5 and missing images, or don't open at all, or do open - but without the new functionality/speed of K7.

Is there a way to migrate these without having to note down every patch, remove K5, reopen K7, search for patch and save?

It almost makes channel strips/patches unusable that Kontakt doesn't automatically open with the latest plugin...


  • Benjaminnnnnn
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    When you move the K5/K6 components to test just having K7 installed, the sounds do open, but they open in K7 player. I don't think this is the ideal solution, right?

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    Check this out: vi-control.net/community/threads/kontakt-updates-current-version-7-8-1.95552/page-59

    You basically go to the au plug-ins folder in /music/ and duplicate kontakt 7.component and rename it as kontakt 5.component, which fools Logic into loading kontakt 7 instead of kontakt 5.

    According to the post in the link (it's post 1,167) you have to amend the info.plist files but I didn't have to do this. Simply duplicating the kontakt 7 component and renaming it worked for me.

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