SSO installation appears with weird duplicate tile in K7 Player

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Hello folks

Recently installed Spitfire Symphony Orchestra using Kontakt 7 Player, and all seems to be working well, but something about it is slightly odd.

This is my first Spitfire product - nothing from them previously installed - just this newly installed SSO. Yet the Library browser looks like this...

Why would there somehow be a separate Strings folder icon there, when everything is there in the main SSO tile.

Has something gone wrong with my installation?



  • Uwe303
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    spitfire symphonic strings is a sub category of the orchestra, as far as I understand it. Have you maybe manually added a folder in kontakt settings to that subfolder instead to the spitfire symphony orchestra folder? How does the folder structure looks like, I guess you have that folder next to the others from native instruments kontakt libraries?

  • jamieboo
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    Yes, Strings is a subcategory. In a way, the orchestra is made out of sub categories - Woodwinds, Brass Percussion, Strings, etc. But that singular separation of Strings should not have occurred. Especially as it is not a substantive separation: Everything that that rogue Strings tile grants me access to can be accessed by the main Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Tile - so the actual content is not separated. And there is no obvious separation of the Strings folder in my installation directory.

    I've never manually created or added folders. I just ran the Spitfire installation and this is how it ended up. It's weird.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @jamieboo Can you share a screenshot of what's inside the library folder once installed on your system? Something like this:

  • jamieboo
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    Hello Jeremy_NI

    Here's a pic...

    There's the folder structure. Do you need to see all the nki's too?

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,637 mod

    @jamieboo Everything seems to be in it's right place. Have you tried contacting Spitfire about it?

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