Assistance Required for License Re-transfer after Re-import for Demonstration Purposes

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I recently initiated a license transfer process for my Komplete Kontrol S61 MIDI controller, intending to sell the product. Upon request, a new approval serial was provided for the prospective buyer. However, the buyer expressed a desire to verify the product's condition through a demonstration before finalizing the purchase. To accommodate this, I re-imported the serial number into my account to facilitate the demonstration, as I reinstalled most of the softwares again today, but this inadvertently creating a situation where I am now unable to reinitiate the license transfer process for the said product.

The complication arose when I discovered that the option (tick box) to select the S61 H/W product for resale has been disabled, preventing me from proceeding with the license transfer to the buyer. Given these circumstances, I am seeking your guidance on how to resolve this issue, allowing me to proceed with the sale and transfer the license appropriately.

Additionally, the prospective buyer currently owns a Komplete Kontrol S88. I am curious to know whether he could utilize my S61 without registering the product under his account, considering the similarity and compatibility between the S61 and S88 models within your product ecosystem. but registering the product would enable him to access software updates, product support, and additional content that might come with the S61.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to your advice on navigating these complications effectively.

Jason (Seung Hyun) Lee

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