KK default on startup?

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Hi. I am trying to setup a live gig rig using an S61 and Komplete10. Everything is installed on a mini pc and works fine. But in the live situation, there is no monitor, keyboard, mouse or network. When the pc starts up, it auto starts KK. Followed by lots of browsing and pushing and scrolling and squinting on the S61 to get anywhere! What I would really like to do (having bad eyesight and an invariably dim stage!) is gate KK to autoload just a predefined list of instrument/patches in the browser- like a playlist of just the ones I want for a particular gig/set. The first in the list is loaded by KK and ready to go. Browsing on the A24 just goes thru' the list.

I have searched webworld and it seems some others have requested this or something similar. In Jan 2018 Tim@NI even said: "This isn't possible at the moment, but it is a great suggestion - I will add it to our backlog."

But as of today it appears to be still out the back somewhere in the log. Or if it has been implemented, I can't find it. Seems like an ideal target for scripting...

Does anyone have any input on this...apart from 'Nope, Suck It Up' or 'Use a DAW setup and control that'?




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    'Nope, Suck It Up' or 'Use a DAW setup and control that'?


    KK does not have this ability as you cannot save "sets" or anything. Best you could do is use the User Library part and save the instrument patches (File>SaveAs) and maybe just number them or assign a custom tag (like set name) and then tag the presets for that. You will still have to load the presets manually tho

  • Hillman
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    Thanks for that JMg. I'll try that. Also thinking that...as there's no screen etc it may be possible (but DEFINITELY clunky) to screen record the initial setup. Replay after KK has started up. ugh.

    Seems to me in this day and age NOT having either a scripting tool for this or at the very least an API is pretty ordinary.

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