So many ways to save sound/preset (diff. extentions) - YOUR best practises?

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for the past several years, i've been successfully able to save my presets in a custom location (onedrive cloud). This allowed me with no issues to access the same presets from my laptop and my PC. Of course, I was careful not have both project open at the same time, etc. I also have a nice organisation structure (where piano sounds are all in the same folders regardless of the vst used). Problem is, the process of saving a single sound is rather long and different for each vst within komplete kontrol:

1)Edit view,

2) go into the vst's save as

3) For each type of VST, I end up with different extentions (no big deal): .nki, nabs, .nrkt, .nmsv

The advantage of that is it allowed me to choose my desired location.

Much simpler way it seems, regardless of the vst, is from within komplete kontrol, just use the "save as" which result into a nksn file. However, I can't seem to find a way to save my presets in my desired location. I just get a window to enter the name. It saves automatically into .documents/native instrument. Anybody know a way around that within komplete kontrol?

I've tested this within maschine and thankfully, here I get to pick my destination for a nksn file...

And this is when clicking the piano icon. If I right-click the sound in the 1-16 pad, "save as" yield a .mxsnd file. So there it is, pretty confused with ALL of these different ways of saving a sound a single sound.

I'd like to implement best practise in order to keep everything working throughout the years ( I know NI have tendancies to sometimes remove certain features xD and what worked in the past is not always future proof. Being able to pick location would be nice so is KK out of the equation?)

How do you guys work with your library ? What's your suggestion!?

Thanks ;)


  • DunedinDragon
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    I think the fact that you can't change the storage location IS the future proofing. If the underlying design of plugin in the future uses a different naming convention or a different location it can be updated via an update of the plugin. Anything you might store in the cloud won't get that same benefit.

  • nelligan tetrault
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    Good point. Though how do you deal with presets, saved sound, snapshot being saved in a bunch of different location? When it's time to change computers or simply for back up sake.

    I tend to like having everything at one place! Is this possible using the default NI location?

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