I keep getting products to "update" in Native Access. Is it safe to update?

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Last time I was asked to update certain products, it turned out they were not compatible with my system.. I had to contact support and go through a lengthy process to put back the old versions. So now I do not dare to update anything.

I have iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), and running the latest for this: Cataline version 10.15.7.

Now my Native Access shows the following products due for update:

  • Analog Dreams
  • Hypha
  • Noire
  • Session Guitarist - Picked Accoustic

I remember these were probably the same libraries as before. Shouldn't the system be updated so that Native Access flags for updating products only after checking the hosting OS and verifying compatibility?


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    Yes it should.

    But the situation we have now is that NA offers the latest updates but it doesn’t take in consideration many aspects.

    It’s not only OS compatibility that can give problems. It also matters on which version of Kontakt you are, which Komplete Kontrol you are using, if you want the versions on computers to be on pair with the versions on Maschine+, if the new versions have been well tested and won’t cause troubles, …

    So…the final answer is… if you want to update something, take your time and read EVERYTHING very well (compatibility, requirements, early adopters experience,…).

    Don’t take Native Access as the solution to all your problems that it should be, allowing you to install everything without thinking and without having to worry. and sparing you time…

    Unluckily, it is far from that, if you cinsider NA itself has serious problems (downloads getting stuck, libraries not installing, products not registering, not being authorized, updates not appearing,…)

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 4,236 Expert

    BTW: the reason why those libraries get notified to you as available to update is because probably to solve your problems support gave you installers of previous versions. Therefore now you are not on the latest.

    If you update them you will probably be back at the beginning

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