how do I stop east Asia erhu from rebowing

Yoshiondapiano Member Posts: 2 Member

Hey, how can I program the East Asia erhu to rebow when I want. The erhu randomly rebows and it’s very annoying. I understand that the instrument needs to rebow to sound natural but I want it to happen with the beat.


  • ArtBerkeley
    ArtBerkeley Member Posts: 42 Member

    Hey, unfortunately, I don't think the rebowing can be changed. Maybe the trick is to restart the note on beat before the rebowing occurs?

    Are the percussive instruments synced to your tempo? Maybe the Erhu IS rebowing in sync but not on the downbeat?

    I don't know... I'll have to take a closer look at it, but as far as I know it's unchangable. :(

  • Nicki_NI
    Nicki_NI Product Team Posts: 26 mod

    Hello Yoshiondapiano,

    ArtBerkeley is right, manual rebowing is not implemented on the Erhu.

    Try holding down the sustain pedal and retrigger the (same) note, it will give you an effect similar to rebowing.

    Hope this helps,


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