Please bring back instrument AND browser view

UdoBehm Member Posts: 73 Member

Could you please bring back or add the option to show the instrument view and the browser view at the same time in KK? At least I would like to be able to choose whether I want to see both at the same time (especially on big monitors where there is enough room and space for seeing both at once) or only one view as it is now... Was much handier having both views all at a glance...


  • Araya
    Araya Member Posts: 4 Member

    I'm so afraid it'll never come back...

    Removing this feature makes the software unusable for me.

    I reinstalled version 2.9.4 so it's fine but I don't dare create new KK scenes, for fear that the REAL KK will become a memory of the old good times.

  • dogbreath11
    dogbreath11 Member Posts: 59 Newcomer
    ni really screwed over its users with the kk3 update. im still on kk2 because v3 is still unusable. i dont think the v2 workflow is coming back either, ni already have our money and just dont care about us any longer.
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