Session Guitarist not changing the sound in Logic Pro

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I just bought the studio guitar and I'm having trouble understanding how to use the sounds with Logic Pro X. I start a new track and put kontakt in and that brings up the Kontakt system, I click on instrument and it does play the Guitar, but it doesn't switch to any other options of the guitar when I pick them in Kontakt. For example going from Cold Lake to Van Life it doesn't change the sound at all. Also, when I first bought this plugin (Guitar) I was able to find different recorded patterns to use in Logic and it worked for me and now I can't see how to do it again. It says at the botton of the page in Kontakt in small writing to double click to load, but when I do that it doesn't seem to do anything, but take me to another page but I still can't play the sound. Can anyone please help me? I appreciate it very much.



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    Hi @Composerdan did you by any chance get an error message at the bottom of Kontakt about some issues with tempo?

    P.S. I'm guessing you're referring to Session Guitarist here.

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