Is NI customer support this bad?

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I ma having issues with instruments/libraries installing. Some have no issue, some say, "could not load plugin" or "ensemble not found." In Native Access some instruments show up after installation, others do not. I submitted a support ticket with full description and images/screenshots and I got what seems like a nonsensical response with a link to download Abelton Live with no mention of my issue whatsoever. I replied asking why they responded this way and got no response. Is NI support this bad????


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    Yes, usually the support is bad. NI insist to continue providing limited support, worse than that, it's occasionally rude and robotic. Sometimes it's not, on the other hand! It truly depends on the agent you chat with, but at this point it's expected from NI to refresh their staff, widen it first of all, bring back the live chat, ah, they knew better days not so long ago.

    You can send me the content of your ticket via DM, I am just a Kontakt user like you, and definitely not a genius, but maybe I can still help the next time I log in to the forum. Sorry you have to go through it, I have been there, push hard enough, try to be patient at the same time, eventually someone from NI will help you.

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    start kontakt, komplete kontrol and so on, stand alone first in order to be able to build up the databases. Then check what's working in stand alone. I guess in your case maybe something got mixed up and that can happen.

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    I would not call it bad, I would call it disconnected,... as it's just via email and webform...

    there is no live chat or phone etc...

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    I know I’m going to sound like an NI fanboy etc but I’m not at all, just saying what my experience has been.

    Bearing in mind I always contact them through their support system I can’t see it’s anything to do with what country I’m in etc.

    I’ve contacted them various times over the past year and can’t think of once where it took them more than 24 hours to respond.

    This week I reinstalled windows then reinstalled Komplete 14 CE, everything installed fine except for Scarbee Jay-Bass.

    I contacted them yesterday evening at 16:58

    I got up this morning and they had already answered me with a direct link to download it. Time of their answer (in UK) 01:40 am, eight hours and forty mins later

    Here’s the email from 01:40 this morning

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    I've had more luck with this forum than support. When I tried to contact NI support for a now known issue where some monitors cause Kontakt to crash on a Mac Studio, I finally got some troubleshooting tips after several back and forth emails.... for Windows.

    I love my MK3 and I've defended NI in this forum, but I gotta say, when I spend close to an hour looking up every detail of my operating system, exact sub versions of software, running diagnostic programs... and the help desk comes back with a solution for a different operating system... I was deflated and utterly disappointed.

    Thankfully this forum has been very helpful and I've had the chance to help out several users and save them from having to deal with the same frustration I went through. Overall I'd say I'm a satisfied customer.

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