Logic 10.8 Crashes When Using Kontakt 7 and a Kontrol MK3 Keyboard

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When loading an instrument in Kontakt and you have a Kontrol MK3 keyboard connected, Logic crashes.


The issue is currently being investigated by our developers and Apple.


1. The easiest workaround is loading Komplete Kontrol in Logic Pro and then the Kontakt instrument. This will prevent Logic from crashing.

2. If you are on macOS 13 and lower (unfortunately, this workaround doesn't work if you're on Sonoma), there is another workaround:

  1. Close Logic and turn off the Kontrol MK3 keyboard.
  2. Open a Finder window and click on Go in the top menu bar, then press down the Alt / Option key. Click the Library entry which becomes visible in the drop-down menu to access the User Library.
  1. Navigate to Library > Preferences
  2. Delete the file com.apple.logic.pro.cs
  3. Turn the keyboard on and start Logic.

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