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How can I access the left browser when loading komplete kontrol?

In my use case I will open multiple instruments, then have their outputs routed to different channels in the DAW. Currently it seems like using Komplete Kontrol we can load an instrument which seems to load an instrument in Komplete player then we can turn on the rack view there.

where we can select other sounds but this seems a bit awkward. Komplete Kontrol allows us the ability to hear the sounds before loading them but once we load one instrument that feature is gone and Komplete Kontrol seems like a fairly useless shell because the only thing we can do there is possibly use the knobs on the midi controller but this can be replicated within the DAW and the ability to hear sounds before loading an instrument is gone.

My workflow is loading multiple instruments and routing different midi controllers tot their inputs in one instance of Kontakt with many instruments, route those sounds back to the DAW for recording.

Why would we use Komplete Kontrol now instead of just using the Komplete Player software without the wrapper?

What's the theory behind this workflow?


  • mykejb
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    Why would we use Komplete Kontrol now instead of just using the Komplete Player software

    Do you mean the Kontakt Player software?

    Komplete Kontrol lets you browse all instrument types - Kontakt based sample libraries, the "Play Series" instruments as well as synths like Massive, FM8 and Absynth. It also lets you browse third-party products that implement NKS like Arturia, U-He and others. It's designed to load a single instrument and effects. Kontakt is designed more as a sample player that can load multiple instruments.

    If you're just loading a Kontakt instrument you don't really need Komplete Kontrol, although if you have a MK1 or MK2 keyboard KK gives you the eight mapped control knobs. With a MK3 you get the nice UI and mapped knobs for Kontakt instruments directly on the keyboard when running Kontakt standalone

    -- Mike

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    Mate, you and like every other person that has a heartbeat is asking the same question about the preset browser. It is such a backwards step which they are very aware of now since it has been a constant complaint from everyone from day 1.

    Honestly, if all you use is Kontakt then you don't need KK but what KK does offer is a central browser for all your other VST instruments and personally I find it an invaluable tool, tho I am speaking of V2 of KK which in terms of operation is far superior currently.

    KK is not the solution for all cases but it has had it's place for a long time now but it really depends on how one likes to work. Just V3 needs some serious improvements to be suitable for actual productive use still.

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