Komplete Kontrol "Could Not Load Plugin" ( Battery )

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HI guys , as the title suggests,

I am starting KK in standalone and upon trying to Load Battery patches I get "Could not load Plugin" message

I have followed all the steps here https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/210276145-Komplete-Kontrol-Error-Could-not-load-Plug-in-Mac-#:~:text=Quit%20your%20DAW%2C%20and%20all,to%20begin%20the%20reinstallation%20process.

But can not confirm wether or not I am actually in the user folder as my only Library option takes me to a similar file path. Also when looking in those directories there is only ONE VST folder and it is empty , even after reinstalling.

AM starting to wonder wether or not Battery is even including in my Hardware/Software bundle , it does not show up in Native Access but has found its way inside my Komplete Kontrol AND my Maschine 2 software , however it will not load in either of these programs

So my question is , if its not part of the package when purchasing the MK3 ( I also have Kontrol S61 ) then why is it even showing at all?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Jesse the expansions you've got with Komplete 13 Select contain both Maschine and Battery kits. However, Battery itself is not included with the bundle.

    If you wanna get Battery, you can buy it separately. 🙂

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