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Empty Kontakt instances on new PC

rickert119 Member Posts: 4 Sine
edited April 2022 in Kontakt

Hi everyone. I recently switched to a new machine. everything works software wise but when i try to open projects from my old pc all the kontakt instances just open up completely empty...

I already made the file path completely the same like before. also installed the exact same version. still nothing. normally kontakt would ask you where the missing files are located. now just nothing completely empty kontakt instances

like in the image. you can see all the different instances on the left. but they all open like this.

this is pretty painfull cause rn a year of ungoing projects are useless. if anyone can help me it would mean alot to me.




  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,553 Pulse

    what DAW is this happening in?

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 852 mod

    That's FL Studio.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 1,860 admin

    Hi @rickert119 I see that you've contacted our support team. Keep us updated how it goes and feel free to share a solution here.

  • rickert119
    rickert119 Member Posts: 4 Sine

    ive sent support on of the project files that works fine on the old machine and opens like this on the new one. havent had a response back yet.

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