S88 MK3 - How to fix Windows Driver and Firmware updater issues.

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We had identified an issue with the Windows driver for the Kontrol S88 MK3 that caused problems when updating the firmware with the Device Updater.

This issue has now been resolved with the latest Windows updates. Please check that thelatest Windows update is installed on your system.

On Windows 10, it should be 19044.3930 / 19045.3930 or later

On Windows 11, it should be 22621.3007 / 22631.3007 or later

Please open your Windows Settings > Update & Security and make sure you install all available Windows updates. After these updates, the Device Updater works as expected and you can install the latest firmware. This article from Microsoft explains how to do this.

You can also update the driver from your device manager:

If that didn't fix the issue in your case, you can carry out these steps, explained in this pdf file, you'll also find the necessary files to download.

If that still doesn't help, please get in touch with our support here: https://bit.ly/NI_support_Kontrol

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