Any "rumors" of a new touch-screen Kontrol keyboard...?

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Any "rumors" of a new touch-screen Kontrol keyboard...?

The S series keyboards are quite a few years old now.


  • nightjar
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    Would be cool if the "brains" were NOT part of a future KK keyboard... and the onboard touchscreen display is just a portal to a "smart" device... much like a wireless Apple CarPlay situation relationship.

  • JesterMgee
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    No rumours or info on any new keyboards being released. I'd be kind of miffed if one did release especially since SFA has been done with the software side. Not sure touch screens would offer anything beneficial at the moment TBH. What really would be nice would be like suggested, have an onboard processor and have actual arp and sequencing on-board that you could draw basic arp patterns and chords using the screens. I am sure others want full onboard instruments etc like a Maschine+ which may be fine for live use, but studio I would see little benefit to all that especially since you would be looking at another $1k+ in cost.

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