Im getting a blank screen on Guitar Rig 6

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Hi, I cant use Guitar Rig 6 as a standalone program. It comes up with a blank interface and the only option is to kill the program. Has anyone else had this? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling - doesn't do anything.



  • afrogrit
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    Had that issue a while back. make sure the tuner on the app is off and also I always kill the app before unplugging my guitar

  • Naama
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    Hi, I just ran into the same problem in the Stand-Alone mode which has been working fine for a long time, but now when I start it, I get a blank black interface and I am unable to do anything.

    I have tried the following: Set the scale in the Windows display setting to 100%, temporarely disabled the anti-virus, deleted some keys from the windows registry and deleted Guitar Rig 6 -folder from appdata\local\Native Instruments (according to the instructions found in NI Support), tried different compatibility modes, ran it with administrator privilidges, checked that there are no new windows updates and the display driver is up to date (AMD Radeon HD 5450, date 04/11/2015, version 15.201.1151.1008) (old card but works for me).

    Guitar Rig 6 works fine in the DAW (Reaper). Any suggestions what else I should try to make it work Stand-Alone?

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