Kontakt crashing Reaper (C++ Runtime Error)

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Kontakt (v6.7.1) is making it impossible to open a project in Reaper (v6.53). It is crashing a specific project, I was not able to reproduce it (thankfully). Unfortunately I already poured quite a lot of work into this particular session so I'd really welcome any help as to how to get it to open without crashing.



  • Matt_NI
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    Turned this thread into a question so it gets more attention 😉

    Did you check this article in our Knowledge Base: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/210296525-Windows-Error-Message-Runtime-Error-

  • Willpadgett
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    I looked at that knowledge database page, completed all instructions, and am still having Kontakt crashes w runtime errors, specifically on the Modern Scoring String libraries. It's rendering my projects corrupt and takes a ton of time to repair, only for the same error to pop up again next time I open the session

    Any advice on this?

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    I have this same issue right now. I've reached out to technical support 6 days ago but haven't heard anything back. If I open it as administrator then it will say ""Project Load Warning: The following VST2 plug-ins were not available, but matching VST3 versions were found. This is a one-way migration. if you save this project it will require the VST3 versions going forward"

    The problem with that is if I bring the midi item/patch in to the VST3 version then it doesn't sound right--doesn't recall the actual patch correctly.

  • LunaticParfait
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    i have the same issue, i don't know since when.

    it's from seldom become sometimes, and it becomes almost always.

    but I found the alternative, we can go properties on reaper, on compatibility tab, make reaper run in windows 8.

    it makes reaper could load kontakt, but the whole reaper processing became slower.

  • LunaticParfait
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    the funny thing is, i installed the same windows and same kontakt installer in my laptop.

    and it's okay.

    the issue happens in my PC that "stronger" than my laptop.

    it's weird

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