Initial system overload with some Kontakt plugins and Logic

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Hi, I am finding with some of the Kontakt plugins, particularly Noire and Arkhis, when I first start playing my project I have a lot of difficulty having it play smoothly. The cpu overloads and I get lots of jittering on the tracks. This is with only a few active tracks and just a few measures of music.

For instance, I have been starting to arrange a new score and on one piece of music there are 2 tracks playing arpeggios in Noire and 1 track with some backing strings from Arkhis. That's all. It takes several minutes of starting and stopping before the music will smooth out and play correctly. Even if I set my buffer to the highest option, it still acts the same. It does seem to eventually even out. Not always though.

I have other Projects with massive amounts of arrangements that play perfectly so I don't think it is my system. I did recently purchase Komplete 13 and have been exploring many of these new plugins that I'm sure are heavy on the cpu usage, but this seems extreme. I am still on OS Catalina and would prefer not to update until my score is finished, which won't be until the end of the summer!

Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • dangorange
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    Bumping this as I'm still having a lot of issues, particularly with Arkhis. Even with just a few layers of instruments it takes a few minutes for the sound to stop glitching and finally smooth out. Making my workflow very frustrating.

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    Is there no one from NI that will address this question? I'm having the same issue with Guitar Rig and can't find any answers. It's so frustrating.

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    How much RAM do you have? Do you have SSD or HDD? What OS? If you are on Mac disc should be formated correctly, otherwise loads take long. I am not on Mac, so cannot tell you how it should be formated, but you will find it here in the forum.

    Arkhis and Noire are quite big, loading may take time, if disc is slow.

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    J'ai le même problème avec Cubase pro 12

  • hyvelbänk
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    I just bought this from NI, and it has the same problem as noted in this forum.

    NOT GOOD, me not happy!

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