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Initial system overload with some Kontakt plugins and Logic

dangorange Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

Hi, I am finding with some of the Kontakt plugins, particularly Noire and Arkhis, when I first start playing my project I have a lot of difficulty having it play smoothly. The cpu overloads and I get lots of jittering on the tracks. This is with only a few active tracks and just a few measures of music.

For instance, I have been starting to arrange a new score and on one piece of music there are 2 tracks playing arpeggios in Noire and 1 track with some backing strings from Arkhis. That's all. It takes several minutes of starting and stopping before the music will smooth out and play correctly. Even if I set my buffer to the highest option, it still acts the same. It does seem to eventually even out. Not always though.

I have other Projects with massive amounts of arrangements that play perfectly so I don't think it is my system. I did recently purchase Komplete 13 and have been exploring many of these new plugins that I'm sure are heavy on the cpu usage, but this seems extreme. I am still on OS Catalina and would prefer not to update until my score is finished, which won't be until the end of the summer!

Any thoughts are appreciated.


  • dangorange
    dangorange Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Bumping this as I'm still having a lot of issues, particularly with Arkhis. Even with just a few layers of instruments it takes a few minutes for the sound to stop glitching and finally smooth out. Making my workflow very frustrating.

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