Library patches in Kontakt 5 is being routed to more than one mixer track, why?

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Hi everyone!

Posted the same question on another forum but noone seems to know what the issue is, so I'll try here.

Just copy pasting the post below:

Working in FL Studio.

Kontakt 5.8.1.

If I have 16 instruments in one instance of Kontakt 5, everytime I get to the 14th, 15th and 16th MIDI channel, they all take up 2 mixer tracks each. It doesn't matter to what mixer tracks I route them to. The last three patches always takes up 2 mixer tracks each.


Let's say I have 16 different string patches. The first 13 patches takes up mixer tracks 15-27, but as soon as I get to the 14th patch, which SHOULD be sent to 28, it's also being sent to 29. 15th patch is 30 & 31 and the 16th patch is using 32 & 33.

This has been driving me insane lately and I can't figure out what the issue is.

I've been watching some tutorials to see how other people set K5 up, but I've always done the exact same thing. While, going into K5's Processing tab, it does look quite weird.

Like this:

  1. Kt. st.1 / Kt. st.1 R
  2. Kt. st.2 / Kt. st.2 R
  3. Kt. st.3 / Kt. st.3 R
  4. Kt. st.4 / Kt. st.4 R
  5. Kt. st.5 / Kt. st. 5R
  6. Now, when I get to 6 it loses the *R* and doesn't even follow the same consecutive number pattern.
  7. Kt. st.6 / Kt. st.7
  8. Kt. st.8 / Kt. st.9
  9. Kt. st.10 / Kt. st.11
  10. Kt. st.12 / Kt. st.13
  11. Kt. st.14 / Kt. st.15

Here's where it gets weird. The remaining ones are:

11. Kt. st.16 / Kt. aux 1 (Where does the *aux* come from?)

12. Kt. aux 2 / Kt. aux 3

13. Kt. aux 4 / unassigned [1] (Why is this *unassigned* all of a sudden?)

14. Kt. unassigned [2]

15. Kt. unassigned [3]

16. Kt. unassigned [4]

To clarify some things:

- I am using the 16 out K5. The other two that I have does not go up to 16 channels.

EDIT: I am just using the one called Kontakt 5, NOT Kontakt 5 16out.

- I've tried with different instrument patches, brass, percussion etc. Issue still persists.

- All Kontakt instances have the same processing settings.

- I can mute one of the channels as it sounds like it's basically just doubling the volume when being sent to two channels, but it would be nice to be able to use all 16 instead of just 13.

- No mic routing. All mics within the patch goes to the patch's corresponding mixer track.

- Honestly, I think this issue has always been there, but I haven't really needed to use more than 10 patches in one instance before.

If anyone knows that the issues is I'd be so greatful if you could help me figure this out.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need additional information.

Thanks in advance!


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    If you're using 16-out K5, that one will provide a maximum of 8 stereo outputs (16-out means 16 mono outs)! And you're attempting to have more than 8 stereo channels here. You should use the normal version of K5 (so, not the 8-out version, but the other one) which supports up to 64 mono outputs (or any other combination that adds up to 64 mono channels).

  • xet449
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    My mistake, I'm actually not using the one called Kontakt 5 16out, just Kontakt 5.

    I can find 4 versions of Kontakt:

    1. Kontakt 5 (This is the one I use)
    2. Kontakt 5 16out
    3. Kontakt 5 8out
    4. Kontakt

    Sorry, it was late a night when I wrote the original post, but in this instance I used 16 instrument patches so I must've mixed them up together.

  • EvilDragon
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    Right so you should press the "+" button in the Output section and do something like this:

    Then, crucially, you need to REMOVE Kontakt's instance from your project and load it back again for the output setup to take on. Then you can route stuff.

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