Playbox input overloads

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I got the VST up and running but I have a breaking issue. When most FX presets are loaded and the synth tries to play, the input overloads and all the music stops. It resets after a few seconds but if the FX setting in question is still in use, the system will overload again and repeat. If I turn off FX completely, the synth will play. If I turn on the FX but disable the effects Tape, Charge & Reverb - the synth will play.

(Using "A Cute Piano" global preset for reference)

I've narrowed it down to something within the FX section of PLAYBOX is overloading the input. I have a beefy system running on 64-bit. CPU is an AMD Ryzen 7 3800x and barely goes above 5%. 32GB @ 3600 running on an M.2 SSD. Ive uninstalled Maschine, Kontakt and PLAYBOX, then re-installed to latest versions.

Has anyone run into this yet? Any ideas of what could be causing this issue?

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