Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol / S88 out of synch

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Firstly, apologies for the length of this description. I’ve been running KK13 Ultimate Collector’s edition since October 2021.

2020 M1 Mac Mini with 16GB running Big Sur, currently v 11.6.4 and KK S88 keyboard.

Prior to this issue I’ve mostly run Kontakt instruments from inside Logic Pro X. 

The only niggling issue I’ve had until now, is that the browser button on the S88 occasionally disables itself and I have to restart the keyboard to get it back. NB. Until now I’ve never needed to run Komplete Kontrol in order to use the S88. Kontakt has always synched with it, and loading Kontakt instruments within Logic, automatically opened them in the S88 browser.

Suddenly since a few days ago, the browser control on the S88 won’t operate without Komplete Kontrol running in standalone. This has never been required before.   

If I open an instrument in Kontakt (stand-alone), while it doesn’t appear in the S88 window, it does play. But, if I open the instrument in Komplete Kontrol, I get horrible distortion.

I’ve tried reinstalling both Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol.  Now when I launch Kontakt I see the message “Importing Kontakt Factory Presets” in the data base window, but nothing happens, and the wheel just keeps on turning all night long. I can see the library content in the left pane of Kontakt and select the instruments, but they don’t load in the S88 browser. When I open Komplete Kontrol, I get a pop up in Kontakt saying “please close and re-start Kontakt after a sample rate change”.  So, it seems like there is a sample rate mismatch between the two apps. When I restart Kontakt, it crashes immediately if Komplete Kontrol is still open. If I close Komplete Kontrol and hit the  restart button in Kontakt, it loads, but then I’m back to “importing Kontakt Factory Pre-sets”

The sample library is stored on an external 4GB WD hard drive.

I just can’t fathom out how to resolve this or get Kontakt to synch with the S88. 

I’m seriously considering uninstalling everything and starting from scratch.



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    Hey @Merlins_Quest One thing to clear out. Loading a Kontakt library and having all it's parameter on the S88 can only happen with the Komplete Kontrol plug-in or standalone application. The Kontakt standalone application or plug-in do not integrate the keyboard in that manner.

    Now if you have issues with opening Komplete Kontrol in Logic, that is another story. You would need to check a couple of things.

    1. Open Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol in standalone and check if all libraraies are there and functional, let the database to be built.
    2. Make sure to give Full Disk access to Komplete Kontrol and Logic Pro: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS
    3. Run Logic in Rosetta mode, since Komplete Kontrol doesn't have M1 native support yet: How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

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    Hi @Jeremy_NI

    Thanks for responding. Firstly, regarding the issue with distorted sounds I've finally traced that to a faulty pedal connector. I use two Roland DP-10 damper pedals and, when I unplugged the pedal from socket B, the distortion immediately disappeared. I've tested by plugging both pedals individually into sockets A and B. Both work fine in A (sustain) while the distortion returns with either pedal plugged into B. I've reported this to NI support and have run the support tool and sent back the exported file. I await their response.

    Moving on to the problems with Kontakt. I have enabled full disk access and logic was already running in Rosetta mode.

    You say the Kontakt library can only be controlled from the S88 with the Komplete Kontrol plug-in or standalone. I assume the KK plug-in was previously running in background when I opened Kontakt in Logic Pro X (prior to these issues materialising). Since installing NI Ultimate in October up until recently, I could fire up my Mac Mini, launch Logic Pro X, create a Kontakt track, select a Kontakt instrument from the library (within Logic) and the same instrument would appear in the S88 browser. Currently I have to physically launch KK before the S88 will respond.

    Komplete Kontrol launches and works fine. Kontakt in standalone loads the library in the left pane, but I get a pop-up saying "Importing Kontakt Factory Presets....", which doesn't go away. If I select the Database tab, I see the loading icon rotating continuously. I've tried "update" and "reset and scan" from the database options panel. Makes no difference. If I run Komplete Kontrol in standalone, then open Kontakt and select an instrument, I don't here anything. If I launch Logic and open an instrument from the Kontakt browser, the S88 does sent midi to logic but the instrument doesn't appear in the S88 browser.

    Occasionally Logic will crash when I select Kontakt from the channel strip (I'm saving the crash reports). I'm going to try uninstalling and reinstalling Kontakt. Reinstalling from Native Access hasn't fixed it.

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    Hey @Merlins_Quest I found your request, I'll get back to you by email.

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