Setup KK A49 with N-track studio

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Hi, has anyone managed to configure an A49 with n-track. HAve anaged to do the faders but things like the start/stop record etc just wont seem to work. N-track dont have a specific configuration for Komplete Kontrol, they just say to cofigure it in the MIDI device configuration settings





  • Blindeddie
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    The KK Keyboards do not use Midi messages for the transport controls, so you cannot assign them to transport functions using Midi. NI Implemented MCU support for the KB's a while back which allows you to use the transport buttons if the DAW supports MCU. So the problem here is that in N-Track (I downloaded the trial), When setting up the controller, you can either select Midi input source or the DAW (MCU) to use as the controller input but not both simultaneously. So if you choose the MIDI source, you can map the Knobs to faders, and if you choose the DAW source as the input, (and choose the MCU Controller template) you get Transport control. I tried several ways to get both to work at once, but was not successful.

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