Kontakt 6 UI Partly Broken - (Inside Mixcraft 9 Pro)

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Reposting this after adding the tag "Bug" caused the initial post to disappear... so, there's a bug triggered when using the Bug tag) 😉


Kontakt 6.7.1 UI is partly broken when opening the Kontakt form from the Mixcraft 9 Pro DAW. It works fine when opening the standalone version of Kontakt.

Problem: The right side (about 1/4th of the width) is gone when opening items from the Ethereal Earth library (and any other library using a wider form factor).

I just bought the Kontakt 6 Full software (yesterday) after trying out the free Kontakt Player. I installed the Kontakt Full directly on top of the Player version.

What I have tried: I have tried to completely uninstall the free Kontakt 6 Player and the Kontakt 6 Full software and reinstall Kontakt 6 Full, but the problem remains (cannot access the rightmost UI controls when the wider form is displayed). See picture below.

Q: Anyone else having a similar problem? Any ideas why this is happening?

The broken UI when opened from inside Mixcraft 9 Pro:

This time I won't tag the post with the "Bug"-tag as to not lose the post again...

// Laro

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  • Blindeddie
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    I think this is more of a Mixcraft issue than a Kontakt issue where mixcraft does not properly adjust the VST wrapper window width when a library with a larger UI is loaded. With that said, if you close the Kontakt Browser, does the whole ui interface show? That might be a temporary workaround until the reason is determined… you may also want to check Mixcraft Plugin preferences to see if there is an option to do any VST window automatic resizing…

  • Laro
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    Hi @Blindeddie,

    You are probably right about this being a Mixcraft problem rather than Kontakt's ditto.

    However, I just (by accident) stumbled upon a workaround.


    1. I had started the standalone Kontakt application, and
    2. then I opened the Kontakt plugin (picking an instrument) from inside Mixcraft,
    3. Then the UI showed up in full width!

    This workaround doesn't seem to be very burdensome so I'll go with that.

    I can add that, after closing both Mixcraft and the standalone Kontakt and then restarting only Mixcraft, then the Kintakt plugin UI works as it should from inside Mixcraft! So after starting the standalone Kontakt 6 once, something seems to "stick" so the combination works fine after that (probably this WA goes away after restarting the computer, but then I'll just apply the above workaround again and hope it sticks again as describe above).

    Next time after I restart my computer, I'll try your suggestion to see what happens.

    Thank you for replying,

    // Laro

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