How do I create separate MIDI tracks for each piece of a drum kit?

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I finally figured out how to set Kontakt up with Get Good Drums Invasion so I am using 19 stereo outputs from Kontakt so each piece of the Invasion kit is on its own stereo channel

So if I input a MIDI drum pattern on the track, Logic plays it perfectly fine and the meters on each of the kit faders in the Logic mixer show each piece of the kit playing accordingly

I do not do my own mixing so what I want to be able to do is have a separate track for each of the 19 output channels so I can eventually bounce and send off to the mix engineer

Is this possible? Am I misunderstanding what multi-output is used for? Or, am I conflating output tracks with separate MIDI tracks?

If so, is there a way to route each piece of the drum kit in Kontakt to its own MIDI track in Logic?

Thank you for any advice - be well



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