Cinesamples Soundscapes not working with Kontakt 6.x

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Hi all,

I purchased the Soundscapes library in December 2021 and had problems right from the start. The initial loading of sounds does work but as soon as I switch to another category or sound, using the arrow buttons, no waveform is displayed anymore and Kontakt stays silent. And this is still unsolved.

Cinesamples say that it's related to some Kontakt issue or whatsoever. I have the impression, the have no clue at all, what is happening. Perhaps there is someone around who has similar problems and knows the solution or just a workaround? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Matt_NI
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    Hey Hans, do you have a bit more information to share or even some screenshot?

    It might be hard for everyone to understand what's really happening on your side.

    I'm tagging @Jeremy_NI just in case he has an idea already.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    We definitely need more information, does that happen in Kontakt in standalone, in your DAW ? Both ? What DAW are you using ? Do you have issues with other libraries ? What arrows and from which browser ? You can put some screenshots that would help.

  • Inside_Agitator
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    Same problem here!

    I reported it more than one year ago to cinesamples, but nothing happend until now!


    If I use Soundscapes in Komplete Komplete Kontrol, everything works if I load a NKS patch, but if I try to edit the patch by changing "CATEGORY" or "SOUND", the display is empty and no sound was loaded.

    Patch after changing "Category" or "Sound"

    Fresh loaded NKS patch

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Inside_Agitator Thanks for chiming in and letting us know about it.

  • HJPhilippi
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    FYI: I contacted Cinesamples in April and had a mail exchange with a support representative. But that led to nothing - after multiple inquiries there were no more answers at all!

    In the end, I guess you have to resign yourself to only being able to play the initially listed sounds and nothing else. Switching category or sound does not work.

    Cinesamples? Never again!

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