Using 1 midi controller for two standalones.

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Hello everyone! Is it possible to use 1 MIDI controller for both Battery 4 and Massive standalone programs at the same time? Whichever program I open up first and set my MIDI input/outputs to my controller seems to override the settings for the controller. When I launch the subsequent program, the MIDI controller appears in the list, but I'm unable to select it from OFF to ON as an Input.

The MalletKAT has two controllers built into it, and I am trying to play Massive on one MIDI channel, and Battery 4 (or Kontakt) on another channel. Without both standalone programs recognizing the controller simultaneously, I am unable to do so. Any suggestions?



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    program your controller with the controller editor that the midi controller utilises

    then set a toggle switch to enable/disable channels as required

    depending on how well the controller editor works will determine how much control you get...

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    Sorry 6xes, I think I didn't do a good job of describing my problem. I'll attach a screenshot this time. Here is my computer. Massive is the first program I opened, so it has taken control of the MIDI. If you see the Battery 4 screen at left behind, I'm in the Settings window for assigning a MIDI, but it won't let me select "ON". If I click on the word "OFF", it will give me the drop-down box, but it doesnt change to "ON" upon selecting.

    I guess the overarching theme of my question: is it possible to control 2 standalone NI programs simultaneously with the same MIDI device?
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    Would be interested in the answer too.

    I reinstalled windows and then reinstalled all my music s/w.

    I then start each standalone and set them to the correct audio and also assign my midi controllers to them.

    I’m fairly sure (but not 100%) that in the past, I could open 2 or 3 standalone, and happily assign my controllers to them all.

    Now it’s like the screenshot in the prev post by amidatong, I’ll open say Battery, assign the controllers hence they say “on”, I’ll l then start Massive and it shows my controllers under midi i/o as “off “ and until I shut Battery down, I can’t change the off to on. As soon as I close Battery I can then change Massive to on.

    Using those two as an example, doesn’t matter which standalone I open, only the first allows me to assign the midi.

    The reason I wanted to do this is because after a new install, I like to open the standalones and let them be open for a good while, while their browsers get fully populated, this time I simply had to do the midi assignments after this had finished.

    What I didn’t try was assigning midi on say battery, closing battery, assigning midi on massive, then reopening battery and see if they both had the midi assigned or one had gone to off. But reading the first post, I think that’s what they tried and it didn’t work.

    @amidatong I know you want them stand alone, have you tried the free version of Cantabile, that allows you to open the vst on your desktop almost like being stand alone, I use it if a piece of software doesn’t have a standalone version but only a vst, sure you need Cantabile running, but it’s not a DAW and will probably get around this problem.

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    @Ojustaboo Customer Service got back with me and said that it was impossible...but I did find a solution. My particular MIDI controller has two midi outputs, so I bought the 2nd MIDI-to-USB cable and put each app in sole control of each output - works like a charm, even triggering sounds simultaneously (per midi note) if desired. The screen shot is similar to before but you can see how one app controls each output. UM-One is actually the name of the Roland MIDI->USB cable.
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